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December 17, 2017



Brock Junior High UIL Academic Team Wins District Championship

Brock Jr. High participated in the UIL competition at Tolar on Tuesday and brought home a District Championship.  The 6th – 8th grade teams scored an amazing 1107 points winning each grade level. Sixth grade scored 366 points, 7th grade scored 374 and 8th grade scored 367.  Congratulations to all participating students, teachers/coaches and administration on this outstanding achievement!  To see individual results click on the link below.

Jr High UIL Academic Contest Results

Brock Junior High Theater Class Performs “Box”

Theater Class -


The 8th grade Theater class recently performed a play called “Box”.  The play focused on the boxes in our lives that seem to define us.  It ended with the characters realizing that they define who they are, not other people.  In addition to playing numerous characters each student in the class made the boxes for the set and handled many of the props.  

8th Grade Art Classes Design “Positive Statement” Benches

The 8th grade Art classes designed and painted 8 benches during the 2nd 6 week period.  The classes began the six weeks with a unit on graffiti lettering.  Upon achieving mastery of graffiti lettering the students were divided into groups of 4-6 and assigned the task of creating a positive statement and designing art to go with the statement.  Each group then painted their statement and design onto their bench.  Please see photos above. 

5th Grade Character and Kindness Rocks

Fifth Grade Character Education and Kindness Art Project

     The 5th grade art classes put their creativy to use with character education and kindness.  Each student selected a rock to paint and then chose a word from their classroom “social contract” to paint on their rock for Brock Junior High.  The social contract is an agreement negotiated between students and the teacher which states classroom principles, rules, and classroom behavior.

The rocks are located by the Brock Junior High sign in front of the campus.  

5th Grade Kindness Rocks


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